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You chose to be born to be here now in this prophetic era.

The transition we are in now is the Big Game you came here to play:
Helping humanity rise ~ together with our beloved Earth.
Expand your beliefs so that you can choose to re-believe in humanity and our world.
A world of enchantment, community, healing and love.

Three, one-hour classes that include a powerful meditation practice with the Magic of Selfica
to give substance to the new timeline that We are creating, individually and for the World.
1. The Grace and Power of Healing
Starting life again, with more clarity, alignment and direction. Finding your new life-story, your connection with the flow of Life and the magic you choose to believe in to heal and rise your vibration.
2. A New Inner Unity
Embrace both the masculine and feminine within you to be a whole and sovereign individual, truly capable of loving, and creating new formulas for relationships and family.
3. Connecting to the Guiding Voices
Alignment and personal practices to become a clear channel, so that you can open
your perceptions and listen to the guiding voices around you — like the ancient wisdom of trees and the surprising language of Synchronicity.
Introducing Our New Reality
a 40 minute class (click to play)
Your ultimate greatness awaits just beyond the perspective of Self as Infinite
There are many stories floating around right now and the only one that matters if Yours!
What is your script?    Whose reality are you living?

In this time of monumental evolution, we are gifted with the opportunity to co-create a harmonious, prosperous and brilliant life for us all in all ways.

Rebelieving Our World
starts with rebeleiving

Recorded July 14, 16, & 18
Anna Naturalista & Esperide Ananas
Mastering the Transition
choices, narrative, alignment and creation

Join Anna and Esperide
to create your new narrative of how
YOU want your life to be! 

REBELIEVING YOUR REALITY  starts soon. . . See YOU in class!